Digitise docs

Keep all important rental documents stored online - safely and conveniently


Easy Access. View or download rental documents anytime, anywhere. From IDs to rental contracts, they are all neatly stored along with other key tenancy information.

Digital Archive. We store your past tenants' files indefinitely, in a digital archive. You can access or export your data at any time. Forget sifting through piles of old papers, find any document instantly.

1-click. Have all the documents in one click, forget about searching files and folders. All documents ordered and easily accessible. Monitor the status of your properties, keep the documents organized and access them quickly

Online file management provides file storage related to tenants or properties safely and securely.

Scalable and platform agnostic, Rentger is suitable for any sized property management company, regardless of the property management system they use. In addition, it’s web-based, accessible from anywhere and offers property owners and managers the ability to electronically store, organize, browse, search and securely publish all types of corporate, property and resident documents, including: compliance documents, due diligence documents, resident documents, financial statements, employee handbooks and training materials.


Efficient centralization and storage of documents

Customizable search

Drag & drop massive load

Unlimited storage

Contracts, Inventory and associated documents

Rental receipts are automatically generated and shared with the tenant

Manage your documents, maintain security and assure compliance, all in a greener world.

Never have to look for a document or receipt again. With unlimited storage, you can easily attach a scanned receipt to every expense in the system, even upload them right from your mobile device. You can save every signed lease for your tenants. And you can upload important records for safe-keeping.


Our platform exceeds the strictest EU and global security standards. Each resident profile includes contact information and lease status, which can be found by searching by property, phone number, or last name, from anywhere inside the app.

Scan and index documents in bulk, upload images to general ledgers and final account statements, and store generated reports and report groups into a single PDF. Store your scanned documents (photos, invoices, certificates ...) and share them with your tenant (landlord).

Unlimited Secure File & Document Storage
All of your important files, documents, and receipts are stored securely in the cloud and automatically backed up. Issue the rental invoices, sending them to the tenants by mail or ordinary mail as they wish.

Store every lease and addendum
Upload an unlimited number of leases, policies, addenda, receipts, meeting minutes, inspection reports, floor plans, and maps. Access them anytime, from anywhere. Easily share documents with residents or rental owners when the need arises.

Drag & drop
Upload your electronic documents into the system with a simple drag-and-drop or by browsing your computer files. Financial statements and reports can be shared with regulatory agencies, owners and other third-parties easily and securely. To control access, you can create your own roles to restrict access by file type, department and property owner and use customizable workflows to route documents for approval based on the way you already do business.

Customizable search
Offers unlimited, customizable classifiers and data set values along with saved searches, to enable flexible filtering for easy document retrieval.

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