Property Rent Manager

Manage your properties online. Rentger (Rent Manager) helps home owners and professionals to manage digital rent, in one place.


With design and usability as principles, you can start working today.


Automate processes and make it easier for your team to work without limits


Rentger's rental management system adapts to your needs, no more and no less.

Where enter Rentger?

We manage online from the moment of signing until the end of the transaction. rent.
We provide owners and managers with the tool to save time and money in the management of their properties.

How can you save money with Rentger?

Communications management
Debt collection automation
Automated warnings
Management of expenses
Revenue management
Report generation (performance, settlements, ...)

Easy Data Migration

Import data easy

Import historic data

Drag-and-drop files

Income and expenses control

Invoices and receipts generated automatically

Expiry control

Automatic warnings

Users and providers profiles

Bank conciliation

Connect with your banks

Automatic bank entries

Automatic conciliation

Manage your team

Permissions management


Request management

Request documents




Profitability report

Manage repairs

Contract management

Inventory generation

Save and reuse contract templates

Generación automática de contratos

Online signature

Control at a glance

Events calendar



Rent updates

Integrated with your calendar

Keep all files organized


Instant access

Document management (documents search)

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Managing your rentals is a snap Rentger tracks all the essentials for you. Like People, Income, Expenses, Expiring Leases, Rent Increases, Vacancies and Overdue Rent… and more, like Transactions. In fact, Rentger can pull in bank transactions automatically, so you don’t have to. That’s the way it should be!

Stay organized

Relax. All your records are in one, central place. Let Rentger help with the things you need most to make your landlording experience super efficient and stress-free.

Saving you time, and more importantly, money.

Our software has the sole objective of resulting in a better bottom line for your property management company. With the day-to-day operations of property managers kept in mind, our system features everything required to make the most efficient business model for your brand. All your needs are now together in one unified property management system. Available on any browser-enabled device.

We help you in everything

24-hour support means you're never alone.

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