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The first rental platform that speeds up costs between managers, owners and tenants, eliminating the hassle of documentation. Fast and transparent, the rent signed electronically.

Our mission

We are convinced that the long-term rental space is the next industry to be transformed by technology, and our entire team believes that simplicity, simplification and security in rental contracts, here at %public_name%, our goal is to make both owners and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes an open and transparent application process.

What our customers say

We are focused on our customers and help them every day through our support and customer service

"Mejor aplicación para la gestión del alquiler Excelente aplicación para llevar la gestión de alquileres, tanto como propietario como inquilino. Muy fácil de utilizar, te hace desde la declaración de la renta, hasta informes. Totalmente recomendable"

Ginés Ramírez

"Excellent App, it details everything and saves your time and help you to have all organized whitout missing money."

Pedro L.

"App integral de gestión del alquiler Completa aplicación para gestionar el alquiler de inicio a fin. Seguid mejorando!"

Héctor Font

"La mejor app para la gestion de alquileres que he usado. Servicio excelente. Me ha ahorrado semanas de trabajo en la gestion de mis alquileres."

Víctor Romero

"Muy buen servicio y además muy barato Muy buen servicio y además muy barato. El servicio de atención al cliente te ayuda en todo momento y me ayudó a importar todo el histórico de datos que tenía."

José Ignacio Martínez

"An excellent program. It allows me to efficiently manage all my properties, and measure results quickly, for timely decision making. Highly recommended"

Luigi Rampoldi

"You have—by far—one of the best products out there, and you have an amazingly responsive team. I have used every feature you’ve offered to date, including processing applications and finding a renter. You’ve made managing our properties so much less painful and saved us thousands of dollars."

Ismael Sole Gutierrez

"I will never pay for other rent collection service again. %public_name% does it better, with an amazing support team! Thank you for saving me time and money."

Olivia Pons Medina

"My new landlord uses %public_name% for background checks, credit checks, and rent. I've been very impressed with the tenant-side of service"

Teresa Mora Vicente

"Thanks to you and your site I have got a contract signed and the deposit and all achieved within 24 hours."

Pedro Bosch Perez

"I will never pay for other rent collection service again. %public_name% does it better, with an amazing support team! Thank you for saving me time and money."

Olivia Pons Medina

"Without %public_name%, there’s no way we could have grown our business. We never would’ve been able to handle this many properties or be positioned for growth."

Marc Moya Vicente

"Before we switched, our accounting team was spending one to three days managing payroll. We were doing handwritten maintenance requests and work orders. %public_name% has completely automated our business."

Joaquín Marin Cruz

"%public_name% is absolutely an all-in-one solution that has allowed us to grow and maintain our business without having to add capacity or new people to the team."

Aitana Moreno Prieto

"%public_name% has made us much more profitable, we are saving time and money."

Francisco Gutierrez Vargas

"I have used many different software systems in my property management career and find %public_name% to be very easy to use and very user friendly."

Alicia Giménez Montero

"We have become the leaders in our area for technology. Our ability to be more efficient in all areas has been seen by others, and our customers have been very happy with the updated %public_name% technology."

Jimena Vidal Vega

Our principles

Humility, co-ownership, openness, relentless development, giving and receiving, empathy and drive.

Our vision

Let all management companies and owners manage online easily, simply and automatically the management of their rents.

We will be the reference company in online rental management through our SaaS in the cloud. Continuous improvement of our clients' processes.

We want our customers to be the simplest and easiest software to use in rental management, where all processes from registration, data loading or payments have the least friction possible.

We believe that we exist to make excellent products and we focus on innovation. We believe in the simple, not the complex. We believe that we must control the technologies behind the products we manufacture, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution. We believe in saying 'no' to thousands of projects, so that we can really focus on the few that are really important and meaningful to us.

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We are at C/Moreno Nieto, 2 CP 28016 (Madrid) at Google Campus Madrid (Google For Startups).

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