How it works Rentger

How to manage your property online with %public_name% saving time and money



In 3 seconds with your email.


Register a property

You only have to put the address of the property


Invite your tenants

Only if you want. Put the email of them to use Rentger as communications platform and share with them the documents that you want to share.


Upload or import revenue

You can automatize the online collection of the rent, split the payment of the rent between the tenants, or automatize the registration of the incomes. You can import past incomes via Excel or your prefer method.


Upload or import expenses

You can automatize the registration of the recurrent expenses of your property or upload manually, via Excel or the method that you prefer.


Less emails and whassaps

Manage only the important communications with Rentger reducing communications between owners and tenants. Communicate delays in the payment of rent, defaults, return of the deposit, termination of the contract, repairs, ... Have in one site all the necessary contacts for the management: data of the administrator, the doorman, the community president, numbers of contract for water, electricity or electricity services,... or whatever that you imagine.



Custom notices. Receive personalized notifications in your email automatically such as payment of rent, payment of taxes, date of termination of the contract, ...


Document management

Do not ever lose any document. Have all documents related to the property in one place. Deeds, cadastre, mortgage, invoices, taxes and fees, inventory, guarantees, ... and share with tenants only those that you think they need. Use our paperless solution to sign contracts.



Custom reports. Receive reports on expenses, income, return on investment or income statement. Have all the information about your home under control. What is not measured can not be improved.

The smart alternative for rent management

We are convinced that the long-term rental space is the next industry to be transformed by technology, and our entire team believes that simplicity, simplification and security in rental contracts, here at %public_name%, our goal is to make both owners and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes an open and transparent application process.

In Rentger you can manage and have everything related to your rent under control, with the reach of your hand, a tool adapted to your needs from the signing of the online contract to the collection of the rent online, from the management of communications with your tenants to reminders of important dates, from tax return to full control over profitability. Anywhere. Anytime. At one click.

We help you in everything

24-hour support means you're never alone.

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A telephone for you to resolve those doubts that are hard to express. Enjoy an expert who understands your problems and helps you focus on your business.

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